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Joseph Pilates in Star Pose

A Boutique Pilates Studio in Venice Beach, CA
for ONLY private
& duet sessions


2 Private Sessions $180

(In-studio or virtual)*

IGNITe the spark

CoreSpark Pilates is a boutique, classical & contemporary Pilates studio (with a bit of east coast attitude) in sunny Venice Beach catering to all ages in both private and duet 50 minute in-person and virtual sessions. The foundation of our practice is to both work hard and play hard, while creating core strength and mental focus. By integrating body, breath, and movement, CoreSpark Pilates strives to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in your personal health and well-being. Plus we have a really good time together. 

Owner and instructor, Danielle Mitchell, is a third generation instructor with direct teaching lineage to Joseph & Clara Pilates. In addition to her Pilates certification, Danielle also holds a Pre & Post Natal Pilates Specialist Certification. This certification is integral and essential for women during this very special time in their life. Experience the difference by having an instructor with this specialized expertise. Here at CoreSpark Pilates we are able to guide and train you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Build strength for labor and stay in shape throughout your pregnancy. Great also for those experiencing perimenapause and menapause.  

The six principals of Pilates, properly applied, are what create the spark at CoreSpark Pilates: Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flow, and Precision.

Studio Equipment:

Reformer/Cadillac Combo


Wunda Chair

Electric Chair

High Ladder Barrel

Spine Corrector


Pilates Equipment in Studio
Pilates Equipment in Studio
The Equipment


corespark pilates
corespark pilates
corespark pilates
corespark pilates



Cadillac Combo         

Spine Corrector         

High Ladder Barrel    

corespark pilates

Wunda Chair/         Electric Chair Combo

Combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface for deep stretching.

Whether you are sitting, standing, kneeling, lying or even upside down, the springs, bars, mat and trapeze of the Cadillac can be utilized creating the most diverse workout. The Cadillac is perfect for all clients and users from those needing injury rehabilitation to those needing a challenging advanced level workout. 

Used as a way to open the chest and correct

the curvature of the spine.

Consisting of a carriage that moves back and forth along tracks within a frame. The resistance is provided by the exerciser's body weight and spring system attached to both the carriage and the platform. Component of the Cadillac allows the user to further stretch and tone. 

A superior combination of both the Wunda and Electric Chairs- which transforms in seconds! There are a variety of exercises to challenge the powerhouse, legs, arms and mind. 



Whether you are looking for in-person or virtual sessions, I am trained to meet you at every stage of your fitness journey!  If you are new to Pilates, need a trainer to push you, beginning your pregnancy or recovering from childbirth, injury or an elite athlete, I can provide each client the modifications necessary to achieve individualized results.

Clientele spans through men and women of all ages, fitness abilities and physical limitations. 

Should you be looking for a more comprehensive Pilates package, such as a personalized 8 week program or training in your home, office, park or gym, I am available to customize a package for your that meets your fitness and financial needs. 

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