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meet the team

Danielle Mitchell Headshot

Danielle mitchell

Owner & Instructor

Danielle holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice. After working a corporate desk job for many years she began to feel the wear and tear in her body. This led her to Pilates in 2011 where she fell madly in love with the discipline and soon thereafter completed her classical Pilates certification in Santa Monica, CA. She is a third generation teaching instructor who has experience with all ages, injuries and athletic abilities.

Danielle is also a Certified Pre & Post Natal Pilates Specialist under the guidance of Fusion Pilates. Having this additional certification is essential when instructing prenatal, postnatal and menopausal women. Not many instructors in LA hold this very vital certification, or have her personal experience in this field.    

Whether she is teaching a private or duet session, she is known for balancing her cheerful, energetic encouragement with butt-kicking workouts, all the while keeping it fun. On a daily basis Danielle is inspired by the changes she sees in front of her as she watches people build strength and make health a priority. Danielle will always guarantee "a sweat and a laugh"!

When she is not in the studio Danielle enjoys spending time with her husband and son doing all things LA. 

Paige Headshot


Afternoon & Evening Instructor

Paige is a Los Angeles native, a total beach bum, avid hiker and loves her puppy Mia more than anything. She has always had a deep interest in movement, wellness and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2017 Paige completed her intensive 800 hours of Classical Pilates training through the Pilates Institute of Southern California and she has been teaching private sessions ever since. Paige also leads Pilates student teacher training where she is able to use her extensive knowledge of anatomy, form, technique and instruction. She has a "no pain mindset  and likes to focus on teaching functional movements that will benefit her clients outside of the studio. Let’s work hard and have fun! 

Esther Headshot


Morning & Afternoon Instructor

Esther first discovered Pilates while studying abroad in Europe. However, it wasn’t until a severe car accident ended her professional dance career that she was reintroduced to Pilates and found it to be essential in her road to recovery. Pilates has continued to help her build strength and stamina she never thought possible. Living with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases has deepened her understanding of the transformative power of Pilates, fueling her passion for helping others navigate their healing journeys. 

Esther is a contemporary Pilates instructor certified on all apparatuses, and brings a unique understanding and empathy to those navigating physical rehabilitation, aiding them in unlocking strength, flexibility, and endurance. Drawing from her background in dance, Esther loves to create dynamic, engaging, and challenging flows. She is committed to empowering clients on their wellness journey, helping them find joy in movement while challenging them to reach their full potential.

Beyond the studio, Esther holds an MFA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, the Theatre Department of the University of Essex in the UK.  She is an award-winning actor, dancer and filmmaker who co-founded Team Rebelution Films. This independent film production company works hard to encompass an equal environment for every team member in all aspects of the films they create, both in front of and behind the camera.

When she’s not teaching, Esther loves to travel and explore new, and exciting places with her husband, Gordon, and their rescue pup Osito.

Dawn Headshot


Afternoon & Evening Instructor

Dawn started her teaching journey after getting her ACE certification as a personal trainer, followed by her Pilates certification. She has been a Pilates instructor for over fifteen years. Since receiving her teacher training under Ivan Dahl at Angel City Gym, she has worked with clients as young as ten and as old as ninety. In addition to Pilates, Dawn is a certified and experienced massage therapist. Outside of teaching, she follows her passion for writing comedy and has her Masters in TV and Screenwriting. She loves travel, art, nature, and being treated to dinner.


She is conversational in French and loves a gin martini dirty - with three olives.

Devon Simon Headshot


Afternoon & Evening Instructor

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Devon began doing classical Pilates with her mom as a teen. She would later move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in costumes for TV & Film. After years of being a set costumer for extended hours, Devon revisited Pilates as a way to relieve her body and mind of the stress and exhaustion from her job. She fell in love with Pilates all over again and went on to become classically certified through the Pilates Institute of Southern California, completing over 800 hours of training and practice. She hopes to help others experiencing stress or exhaustion to reconnect with their body and mind. When she is not teaching Pilates, she loves to spend time with her family and two dogs. 

Jess Headshot


Morning & Afternoon Instructor

Jess's unique approach to Pilates is a product of merging her corporate expertise as a former Director at a product development firm and wellness expertise as a former yoga instructor. This unique blend equips her with a profound understanding of the demands of a busy professional life and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing well-being. Her journey into Pilates began in 2013 to regain strength after pregnancy; this, combined with her previous role as a yoga instructor in diverse settings, including Physical Therapy clinics and corporate wellness programs (Sony, Paramount, and Disney), and her commitment to expanding her understanding of anatomy through additional certifications has shaped her unique approach to Pilates.  

Jess specializes in working with athletes and professionals striving to enhance their performance and well-being. She designs challenging yet safe sessions and celebrates each client's journey, understanding that showing up can be the most difficult step.

Jess lives in Hollywood with her daughter, enjoys a good "whodunit" mystery book, and considers brunch a hobby.

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